Meet Scott Francis

Scott Francis Keynote SpeakerScott Francis is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker and author originally from Boston, MA who inspires, motivates, and educates people by combining content, comedy, magic, and heartfelt message into his programs. With over 30 years experience, Scott has presented over 3,100 programs to companies such as American Express, Coca-Cola, IBM, and USA Today including over 180 Fortune 500 companies.

As a child, Scott was diagnosed with severe dyslexia which made school a personal nightmare for him. Although spelling, reading, and school subjects were an incredibly difficult challenge, Scott taught himself life lessons. Scott believes that one way of reducing personal stress is to focus on others and give back to the community. Scott uses his down-to-earth motivational style to counsel people on commitment, attitude, and the excitement of moving their lives forward.

Today, Scott Francis makes his living as a professional speaker and author who wants to help others reach their dreams, have fun, and be happy. Scott claims, “successful and happy people aren’t people without problems, they’re people that know how to solve their problems looking at them head-on and deciding to do something about them to improve their lives.”


Scott truly cares about the impact he makes on the people who attend his presentations.  He wants everyone to have a positive experience and will do whatever he can to make sure that happens.